Formal session 2022

9 December 2022
9 h 30 min | 19 h 00 min
J. Cabanis Media Library (Morning)
1 All. Jacques Chaban-Delmas - 31500 - Toulouse - (France)
City Hall (Afternoon)
Place du Capitole - 31000 - Toulouse - (France)

Public session (Grand Auditorium – José Cabanis Media Library)

09:30 : Acceptance speeches

  • Patrick AUDOUIN, specialist in audiovisual archives and oral interviews in video, AAE fellow elected on 25 September 2020, on:

“Oral History, a Living Aeronautical Memory”

  • Michel POLACCO, journalist, aviator, former Secretary General for Information, Radio France, AAE Fellow elected on 18 June 2021,

“Aviator and journalist, two jobs… a passion »

10:15 – Presentation of Correspondents

Plenary Formal Session (Salle des Illustres – City Hall)

14:00 – Welcoming speech

Tributes to

  • To Claude FRANTZEN, General Engineer of Armaments, former Inspector General for Nuclear Safety at EDF, emeritus member and President of Section IV of the Academy from 2002 to 2012, passed away on August 2, 2022.
  • To Daniel SOULEZ LARIVIERE, lawyer and essayist, Emeritus Member of the Academy, passed away on September 30, 2022.

14:20 – Presentation of the new Board

14h30 – DGLR nominations

Introducing the newly members

14:45 – Fellows

15:45 – Foreign Associate Member

16:00 – Presentation of the insignia of Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres

  • by Mr Jean-Luc Moudenc, Mayor of Toulouse, President of Toulouse Métropole, to our colleague Madeleine Tézenas du Montcel, official sculptor of Air and Space.

16:15 – Honorary members

Awards and medals

16:45 – Presentation of the Medals of the Academy

  • To Clément GALIC & Jonathan GALIC , co-founders and directors of Unseenlabs, for the creation and development, based on innovative technologies, of a maritime surveillance service for civilian and military customers.
  • To Mustapha MEFTAH, astrophysicist and specialist in Sun-atmosphere relations, member of the strato, helios, system, CNRS LATMOS department, for the success of the NewSpace scientific nanosatellite sector that he has developed by bringing together around him the competent scientific and technical teams.
  • To Philippe VILLEDIEU , Director of Research at ONERA, for his contribution to a better knowledge of icing on aircraft, the dynamism and results of his team at the Toulouse Center.

17:15 – Vermeil Medal

  • To Carlos PÉREZ-ARROYO, Research and development engineer of large-scale simulations at CERFACS, Jérôme DOMBARD, Unit Manager – CFD Research Engineer – Applied simulations and transfer to industry at CERFACS, and Gabriel STAFFELBACH, Senior Researcher at CERFACS, to honor the excellence of their work in the realization of the FULLEST project, the first high-fidelity simulation of an aircraft engine.

17:30 – Award of the Thesis Prize in Law, Economics and Sociology of Air and Space Transport

17:45 – Presentation of the Literary Prize

  • To Félix TORRES for his book “René Ravaud – A life for industry, a remarkable biography dedicated to an exceptional entrepreneur and organizer who knew how to anticipate the global nature of the market and to whom the aviation industry is indebted for one of its most brilliant successes, with the creation of CFM International leading to the enormous success of the CFM-56 engine.

18:00 – Grand Prize

  • To Eric TRAPPIER, Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation for his remarkable career as an engineer and executive who has devoted his career to the development of the French and European aerospace industry.

18:30 – Intervention of the representative of the city of Toulouse

  • Mrs Agnès Plagneux-Bertrand, Deputy Mayor of Toulouse, Vice-President of Toulouse Métropole in charge of Industry and Productive Economy

Cocktail offered by the City of Toulouse

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