It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing on January 25, 2023, of our colleague David Ewins, Professor of Mechanics of Structures-Vibrations and Emeritus Researcher at Imperial College London, Honorary Member of Section 1 of our Academy.

He was a prominent figure in engineering. A graduate of Imperial College London, he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Engineering in 1963, before obtaining a PhD in Engineering Sciences in 1982 followed by a Doctorate in Philosophy at the University of Cambridge in 1967.

After his early days as a research assistant at the University of Cambridge, David Ewins taught at Imperial College London, where he became a professor in 1983. His influence extends far beyond the UK, through his collaborations as a visiting professor at renowned institutions around the world.

In addition to his academic role, he has made significant contributions to the industry as a consultant for prestigious companies such as Rolls-Royce, Boeing and Ford. Since 1990, he has been Chairman of the UK Dynamic Testing Agency.

David John Ewins embodied engineering excellence, leaving a lasting mark through his unwavering commitment to research, teaching and innovation.

A tribute will be paid to him at a future session.

David John Ewins

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