Death of Lieutenant General Claude Lemieux

Disappeared on May 23, 2021 a few days before his 85th birthday, Lieutenant General Claude Lemieux was elected in 1995 to the National Academy of Air and Space. From 2000 to 2003, he was an active vice-president, campaigning in particular to see the academy expand its military component and move closer to the Air Force.

He entered the Air School in 1955, was certified as a pilot in 1958, and took part in all military air transport operations around the world, from Algeria (1958-1962) to the Gulf War (1991), flying mainly on North-2501 and on Transall, aircraft of which he was the distinguished pilot at the EHIC of Mont-de-Marsan.

During a career of 37 years, he was successively an instructor at ciet (Centre d’instruction des équipages de transport), chief of pilots of 3/62 squadron. Anjou in Reims, commander of squadron 3/61 Franche-Comté then of the 61e Transport Wing in Orléans, from the Air Base Lionel de Marmier of Toulouse-Francazal, finally military air transport (1988-1992).

In addition to his operational and command activities, Claude Lemieux has experienced the regulatory stopovers of the Air Warfare School, the Hautes études de défense nationale and the general staffs. Chief of Staff and Second In Command of COTAM (1982-1984); general in 1984, deputy chief of staff “Logistics” of emaa (1984-1988). At the head of COTAM he took an essential part in the policy of deploying forces at long distances and in the definition of the aircraft that became the A-400 M.

Our colleague was a Grand Officer of the Legion of Honor.

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