Aeropostale commemorates its centenary in Morocco

One century already… and a rich era of stories and adventures since the first Aeropostale flight from Toulouse to Rabat in 1919. Moroccan and French aeronautics experts on this occasion recalled the historical role played by Morocco, unique in Africa, in the development of Aeropostale, after the signing in 1919 in Rabat of its founding act.

At the initiative of the Royal Aéro-Club of Rabat and the national association of Moroccan aviation history, a lecture was given on Thursday at the National Library of Rabat to commemorate the centenary of the founding act of Aeropostale.

Speakers at this meeting, including pilots, spoke of the first test flight in March 1919 between Toulouse and Rabat, which gave rise to the first Aeropostale flight on 1 September of the same year, making Morocco the first country to develop designated spaces, so-called “aviation fields”. These fields were established throughout the Kingdom on the instructions of Resident General General Layautey.

It should be noted that, following the decision of Sultan Moulay Youssef to authorise overflight of the territory as well as protection of the aircraft, General Layautey was able to establish many such aviation fields all around Morocco …

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