Wednesday 10 May 2023

10:00 Welcome
10:30 Introductory speeches
Mr Jean-Jacques Dordain, AAE member and President of the Programme Committee, former Director General ESA
Mr Michel Wachenheim, President of AAE
Pr Erasmo Carrera, President of AIDAA, Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, PoliTo
Pr Guido Saracco, Rector of PoliTo
11:00 An overview of space exploration
Dr Francis Rocard, Astrophysicist, CNES  CV   Abstract 

Space exploration: from underlying motivations to the first human steps

11:45 Keynote 1
Dr Josef Aschbacher,  Director General ESA  CV 
12:15 Lunch
Session 1: Philosophy and cultural motivations of space exploration

Chair: Eric Dautriat

13:30 Introduction: What drives us to explore? A report from an AAE working group
Mr Eric Dautriat, Vice president of AAE CV   Abstract 
13:45 The cultural roots of space exploration across the world 
Dr Xavier Pasco, Director of the Fondation pour la recherche stratégique CV   Abstract 
14:00 The future impact of space age on human civilisation
Pr. Wu Ji , President of Chinese Society of Space Research, Former Director-General and Professor at National
Space Science Center (NSSC)
 CV   Abstract 
14:15 Panel: Ideals, knowledge and imagination
Moderator: Mr Michel Praet, Head of ESA Relations with the EU  CV  
Mr Piero Bianucci, Journalist, scientific writer, novelist

Pr. Jean-Pierre Bibring, AAE member, Astrophysicist, Institute of Space Astrophysics CV 
Pr. Giancarlo Genta, Emeritus professor in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Polito CV 
Dr. Julie Patarin-Jossec, Sociologist, professional diver and photographer CV 
14:15 3 minutes on: Cosmic footprint: dealing with space ethics at large scales 
Dr Adrien Normier, Founder of Space Ethics CV  
15:30 Break
Session 2: Dream missions, a selection by Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC)
Chairs: Bram de Winter & Tania Gres

16:00 Introduction to SGAC and to the session Abstract 
Mr Bram de Winter, SGAC Space Exploration Project Co-lead CV 
Ms Tania Gres, System engineer, SGAC National Point of Contact for France CV 
16:10 Send a crewed mission to Titan with a return ticket
Mr Gueorguy Serafimov, SGAC AAE Dream Scholarship Winner CV  
16:25 Europa Oceanic Sample Return Mission
Mr Luca Kiewiet, SGAC AAE Dream Scholarship Winner CV   Abstract 
16:40 Questions & answers
16:55 IOSO: a vision towards global cooperation
Ms Athena Vourgos, SGAC AAE Dream Scholarship Winner CV   Abstract 
17:10 Space Sleep: Legal Implications with Cryogenics 
Mr Charles Horikami, SGAC AAE Dream Scholarship Winner CV   Abstract 
17:25 Message for the future
Dr Roger-Maurice Bonnet, AAE member, Former Director of ESA Science Programme CV 
17:35 Panel
Dr Roger-Maurice Bonnet, AAE member, Former Director of ESA Science Programme CV 
Mr Pierre Faucoup, Chief Space and Defense Business Officer, The Exploration Company  CV 
Ms Tania Gres, System engineer, SGAC National Point of Contact for France CV 
Ms Donya Divsalar, Co-founder and CEO, Caidin
17:55 Closing
Mr Bram de Winter, SGAC Space Exploration Co-lead CV 
18:30 Cocktail
20:00 Life in the universe: rule or exception?
Moderator: Pr Erasmo Carrera, AIDAA President, Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, PoliTo
Dr Nathalie Cabrol,
Astrobiologist, Head of Carl Sagan Department, SETI Institute CV 
Pr Jean-Pierre Bibring, Institute of Space Astrophysics, CNRS, AAE member CV 

Thursday 11 May 2023

Session 3: The first step: towards an environment-friendly approach to Lunar exploration

Chairs: Michel Blanc, Jean Broquet Abstract 

Assessing the impact of the new wave of Lunar exploration on lunar resources and the Lunar environment

09:00 The present Lunar environment: scientific assets and cultural heritage
Pr Michel Blanc, AAE member, past vice-president for research of Ecole Polytechnique, France,
Emeritus professor at IRAP, Toulouse CV 

and Pr Pierre-Yves Meslin, Professor at University Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier, researcher at IRAP (CNRS-UPS-CNES), Principal Investigator of the DORN experiment  CV 
09:10 Assessing Lunar resources
Dr. T. Dylan Mikesell, Remote Sensing and Geophysics, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute CV 
09:20 The development of technological capabilities associated with the new wave of Lunar exploration
Dr Gerald Sanders, In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) System Capability Leadership Team (SCLT) Lead, NASA CV 
09:30 First panel discussion: The Moon: a unique research laboratory; a “new continent” for a diversity of human activities
Moderator: Pr Bernard Foing,  former Senior Scientist at ESA/ESTEC, Professor at Leiden University CV 
Dr Bertrand Baratte, General Secretary EURO2MOON, Space Market Director, Air Liquide CV 
Dr Stefaan De Mey, Senior strategy officer at ESA, ESTEC CV 
Dr Barbara Imhof, Co-founder and co-managing director of LIQUIFER Vienna – Bremen CV 
Mr Gerald Sanders
, In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) System Capability Leadership Team (SCLT) Lead, NASA CV 
Mr Thomas Schrage, Lead Campaign Manager – Moon Exploration Airbus Defence and Space  CV 
Pr Wu Ji, President of Chinese Society of Space Research, Former Director-General and Professor at National
Space Science Center (NSSC) CV 

The development of “new space” on the Moon: how to mitigate environmental impacts and preserve Lunar resources?

10:00 Management of Lunar orbits 
Dr Eric Joffre, System Engineer in the Concurrent Design Facility, ESA CV   Abstract 
10:10 Management of resources and waste on the Lunar surface
Mr Alexis Paillet, Spaceship FR Project manager, CNES CV 
10:20 Space law and its possible solutions
Dr Antonino Salmeri, Director of Lunar Policy Platform, Co-Chair of SGAC  CV 
10:30 Second panel discussion: Ways towards an environment-friendly approach to New Space on the Moon
Moderator: Dr Maria Antonietta Perino, AAE member, Director Space Economy Exploration and International Network, Thales Alenia Space CV 

Pr Michel Blanc, Emeritus professor at IRAP, Past Vice-President for research of Ecole Polytechnique, France  CV 
Dr Jean Blouvac, Programme manager for Human Spaceflight and Exploration activities, CNES CV 
Wolfgang Dürr, Head of Marketing and Sales Space Exploration, Airbus Defence and Space CV 
r Stéphanie Lizy-Destrez, Professor in Space Systems Engineering at ISAE-SUPAERO CV 
Dr Antonino Salmeri, Director of Lunar Policy Platform, Co-Chair of SGAC CV 
11:00 Break

Implementation means

Session 4: Flying machines

Chairs: Jean-Pierre Lebreton
Active / In development missions

11:30 Helicopters for Mars Exploration
Mr Theodore Tzanetos, NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology (To be confirmed) Abstract 
11:45 The Dragonfly New Frontiers mission to Titan
Dr Ralph Lorenz, Dragonfly Mission Architect, Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory CV   Abstract 

The Future: Ideas, Concepts, Studies

12:00 Balloons for Mars, Venus and Titan exploration
Dr James Cutts, NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory CV   Abstract 
12:15 Kumo: Venus Atmosphere Explorer study
Ms Helena Momoko Powis, Student, University of Delft, The Netherlands CV   Abstract 
12:30 Uranus glider : Mission analysis and navigation design concept study
Ms Emilie Bessette, Young Graduate Trainee at ESA/ESTEC CV   Abstract 
12:45 Questions & answers
13:15 Lunch
14:15 Keynote 2
Ms Samantha Cristoforetti, Astronaut, ESA CV 
Session 5: Going faster (and further)
Chairs: Jean-Pierre Lebreton & Scott Bolton

14:45 Transfers to the Outer Solar System
Mr Michael Khan, Mission analyst, ESOC, Darmstadt CV   Abstract 
15:00 How will solar sailing enable deep space exploration ?
Dr Louis De Gouyon Matignon, Co-founder and CEO, Gama Startup, Paris CV 
15:15 Electric Solar Wind Sail
Dr Pekka Janhunen, Research manager, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki CV   Abstract 
15:30 Nuclear energy for space exploration
Dr Eric Proust, Science and Energy Directorate CEA, Paris, President of the European Nuclear Society High Scientific Council Abstract 
15:45 Breakthrough propulsion – Where is the limit ?
Pr Martin Tajmar, Head of Space Systems chair, TU Dresden CV   Abstract 
16:00 Aerocapture as an enabling technology for planetary missions
Dr Soumyo Dutta, Aerospace Engineer, NASA Langley Research Center CV   Abstract 
16:15 AIM/DART/HERA NASA/ESA Collaboration
Dr Patrick Michel, CNRS Director of Research, Côte d’Azur Observatory (OCA), Nice CV   Abstract 
16:30 Joining Forces to Go Faster, Better, Cheaper
Dr Scott Bolton, Assistant Vice president at Southwest Research Institute, Caltech CV 
16:45 Questions & answers
17:00 End of sessions
18:00 VIsit Thales Alenia Space

Friday 12 May 2023

Grand Objectives

Session 6: Water: our quest for "oases" in the Solar System
Chairs: Maria Antonietta Perino, Jean-Jacques Dechezelles

09:00 Overview
Pr Enrico Flamini, Former ASI Chief Scientist, IAF CV   Abstract 
09:15 Water detection under the surface of planets 
Pr Wlodek Kofman, Emeritus Research Director, CNRS, Space Research Center PAS, Warsaw, AAE CV   Abstract 
09:30 Chasing a comet with sample return, a way to better understand how life was generated
Pr Jean-Pierre Bibring, Institute of Space Astrophysics, CNRS, PSL University, AAE CV   Abstract 
09:45 Exomars Science
Dr Jorge Vago, ExoMars Rover Project Scientist at ESA CV   Abstract 
10:00 JUICE mission – The Ocean moons of Jupiter with many expectations
Dr Athena Coustenis,LESIA, Paris Observatory, CNRS, PSL University CV   Abstract 
Dr Olivier Witasse,
JUICE Project Scientist, ESA CV   Abstract 
10:20 Water Resources on the Moon and Mars. Plans and Implications for NASA ISRU and sustained Human Exploration
Dr Gerald Sanders, Lead ISRU, space technology Mission Directorate, NASA JSC CV   Abstract 
10:40 Question & answers
11:00 Break
Session 7: Human-robots collaboration
Chair: Stefaan de Mey

11:20 From underwater to aeronautics: the essential role of human-machine teaming
Mr. Arnaud Prost, European reserve astronaut CV   Abstract 
11:35 Human vs. artificial intelligence: Operations of science missions at small bodies
Mr Michael Küppers, COMET interceptor and HERA Project Scientist, ESA CV   Abstract 
11:50 Mars: Operating a drill 400M km from home
Mr Alessandro Pilati, Space Robotics System Engineer, Leonardo CV   Abstract 
12:05 Moon: Human-robotic partnerships in the Global Exploration Roadmap lunar surface scenario
Pr Ian Crawford, Professor of Planetary Science and Astrobiology, Birkbeck, University of London CV   Abstract 
12:20 Humans-robots collaboration in delivering clean energy from space to Earth
Dr Giorgio Musso, Program Manager for Advanced Exploration Programs, Thales Alenia Space CV   Abstract
Dr Sanjay Vijendran, ESA’s Lead for SOLARIS CV  
12:35 Multi-modal telerobotic technology: a synergy in applications in space and on Earth
Dr. Neal Y. Lii, Domain head, Space Robotic Assistance Robotics and Mechatronics Center,
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
 CV   Abstract 
12:50 Questions & answers
13:20 Lunch
14:20 Panel: about the High-Level Advisory Group report to ESA on Space Exploration 
Moderator: H. Ludwig Moeller, Director, European space policy institute (ESPI) CV 
Mr Jean-Marc Astorg, Strategy Director, CNES CV 
Mr Walter Cugno, Vice President Exploration and Science Domain, Thales Alenia Space Italia  CV 
Mr Wolfgang Dürr, Head of Marketing and Sales Space Exploration, Airbus Defence and Space
Dr ​Didier Schmitt, Strategy and coordination group leader for robotic and human exploration, ESA CV 
Dr ​Timo Stuffler,Director of Business Development and Exploration, OHB CV 
Ms Elena Grifoni Winter, Director General of the Space Office of the Italian Prime Minister CV 
Wrap-up of the 7 themes
Moderated by Davide Petrillo, Managing Director, Nanoracks Europe & Former SGAC Executive Director,  CV 
and Jean-Jacques Dordain, former Director general of ESA, Conference chairman, AAE,  CV 
with the participation of the audience
16:15 Conclusions
Mr Jean-Jacques Dordain, AAE member, former Director General ESA CV 
16:30 Farewell

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