Madeleine Tezenas du Montcel in the spotlight

It is with great pleasure that we learned of the appointment of Madeleine Tezenas du Montcel, sculptor, air and space painter and member of the Academy, to the rank of knight in the French Order of Arts and Letters by the French Minister of Franck Riester culture on 16 September 2019. The Academy is delighted with this distinction, which honours the creativity and passion that drive her professional life.

Madeleine Tézenas du Montcel is also the recipient of the Latécoère Explorer Prize for her outstanding work on Pierre-Georges Latécoère’s 2.40 m bronze statue, made for the Montaudran Museum in Toulouse.

All the members of the Academy warmly congratulate Madeleine Tezenas du Montcel for these well-deserved distinctions.