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SESSYS (Single European Sky SYStems)


The structural weaknesses of a fragmented European Air Traffic Management (ATM) system are widely recognised and the subject of decades of political efforts by the European Commission to find a solution.

The latest proposal of SES regulations, aimed at strengthening Europe’s role, was rejected by the Member States.

One would have thought that these weaknesses could have become unbearable with the COVID19 crisis that has generated a “financing wall”.

With the return of traffic to what it was before the crisis, there is a risk that the European Air Navigation Providers (ANSPs) consider that they can return “back to normal”.

This document proposes a targeted set of concrete recommendations on pan-European functions and technical systems, so that the European ATM system can move out of this detrimental fragmentation.

This text is not an official document of the Air and Space Academy.

It was written by Pierre Andribet, Marc Baumgartner and Jean-Marc Garot, members of the Air and Space Academy.

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