Solemn session 2020

Each year during its solemn session, the Air and Space Academy awards its medals, its Grand Prix, presents the office and receives new members and correspondents of the Academy.
Given the health context in November 2020, the period at which this session is usually held, the Solennelle 2020 session could not be held in the Salle des Illustresof the Town Hall of the Capitole, in Toulouse. She was postponed remotely on Monday, March 29, 2021.

Replay of the session is available on our website or directly onthe playlist via our channel

Great Prize

The Great Prize was awarded to Anthony BROWN, an astronomer at the Leiden Observatory (Netherlands), responsible since 2012 for the Data Processingand Analysis Consortium (DPAC), and Vincent POINSIGNON, project manager of the industrial contractor of the GAIA satellite from 2007 to 2013 (Airbus Defense and Space) for their decisive contribution to the success of the scientific space mission of the GAIA satellite.

Academy Literary Award

It was awarded to Jean-Paul SALINI, for “The Follies of the Squadron”, a work that faithfully and humorously reflects a time when picturesque personalities could still have their place in the Air Force.

Vermeil medal

It has been handed over to Damien MARC, CEO of the SME JPB System, for having been able to elevate JPB System to a high level of performance, whether it be international development or strong innovation both on products and on the organization of modern factories 4.0, always seeking the full satisfaction of its customers.

Academy’s Medals

The First Medal of the Academy is awarded to Eduardo CHAMORRO, former commercial director and head of innovation of the CESA Company, Spain, for his outstanding achievement in the direction of technological innovation and business development of the company Compa’a Espa’ola de Sistemas Aeron-uticos from 1994 to 2015.
The Academy’s second medal is awarded to the Dr Pacôme DELVA, researcher in fundamental physics at the Time-Space Reference Systems Laboratory (SYRTE) at the Paris Observatory, and at the Dr. Sven HERRMANN, researcher at the ZARM laboratory at the University of Bremen, responsible for the experimental gravitational and quantum optics group, for their contribution to the verification of one of the principles of general relativity using atomic clocks.
The third medal of the Academy is awarded to Frédéric FEYEL, director of modeling and simulations at Safran Tech, Georges CAILLETAUD and Dr. Jean-Louis CHABOCHE, mechanics of ONERA materials, for their contribution to the mathematical modeling of aeronautical materials.

New Correspondents

  • ARNOULD Claude-France, Government Diplomatic Advisor at the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs
  • BARBAUX Yann, President of Aerospace Valley and Senior Vice President AIRBUS SAS
  • BELLOT Thierry, Vice President Aeronautics Association: Tomato
  • BENHAMOU Marc, Director of Satellite Programs and Launchers of IMMARSAT
  • CAPLET Michel, Aeronautics Historian
  • DAUPHIN Jean, Program Director, Earth Observation, Navigation and Science Airbus Defence and Space Toulouse
  • EYMARD Michel, Former Technical Director Safran Group
  • FUGLESANG Christer, Physicist and Astronaut – Professor at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • GILOTTE Ariane, Head of “Civil Aviation Memory Mission”
  • HEINEN Mario , Former Executive Vice President – Head of Industrial Airbus (Toulouse) from 01/2013 – 12/2018
  • HENKE Rolf, Member of the Executive board, Responsible for Aeronautics research at DLR
  • HENLEY Simon Michael, Strategic Commercial and Industrial Advisor Reaction Engines Ltd.
  • KREIN Axel, Executive Director of Clean Sky 2
  • MAURICE Sylvestre, Doctor of Astrophysics, Astronomer at the Research Institute for Astrophysics and Planetology (IRAP) in Toulouse
  • MOREL Jean-Paul, former head of Swissair’s Geneva Business Accounts
  • PUGIN André, Founding President of APCO TECHNOLOGIES
  • QUAGLIOTTI Fulvia, Professor Politecnico di Torino
  • ROBINS Yves, Director, Europe and Defence at Dassault Aviation
  • RONTANI Bernard, Former Director of Airbus Systems Skills Centre
  • SUAREZ Carlos, Associate Director ZIOREM
  • ULAMEC Stephan, Senior Researcher at DLR, and Space Operations and Astronaut Training, Cologne, Germany

New fellow members

  • ANDRIBET Pierre, Head of Research and Development Eurocontrol
  • AUDOUIN Patrick, Audio-visual archive and video interviews specialist
  • BONNAL Christophe, Senior Expert – CNES Directorate of Launchers
  • CLERBAUX Cathy, Director of Research 1st Class at CNRS
  • FRON Xavier, Special Adviser to Eurocontrol Brussels
  • JOSELZON Alain, Expert / Aeronautics Consultant
  • MÜLLER-WIESNER Detlef, Former Senior Vice President, Senior Technical Advisor Airbus
  • ONOFRI Marcello, President of the Aerospace Research Centre at the University of Rome Sapienza
  • PRAET Michel, Head of ESA’s Brussels office
  • RUPIED Guy, Former GIFAS General Delegate
  • SOURBÈS-VERGER Isabelle, Research Director at CNRS
  • SPEYER Jean-Jacques, Professor, Supervisor of Theses at the Free University of Brussels
  • VERRIÈRE Jacques, Former Captain, Air France Instructor

New Board of governors

President: Michel Wachenheim
Vice-Presidents: Eric Dautriat, Jurgen Klenner, Claude Roche, Antonio Viñolo
Treasurer: Guy Rupied
Secretary-General: Jean-Claude Chaussonnet

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