Newsletter No.122 – Aeronautical challenges and innovation

Edito : Une question d’ambition et de courage
by Jürgen KLENNER, Vice-President of the AAE

Towards a synthetic fuel industry
by Jean-Loup BERTAUX, Emeritus Research Director at CNRS/LATMOS/UVSQ, fellow of the AAE and IAA

INCAS : regional research centre for future aviation
by Catalin NAE, President and CEO of INCAS, AAE fellow

Qualification and certification of sensitive systems using artificial intelligence
by Claude ROCHE, Vice-president of AAE, former vice-president Large-scale systems of Matra Defence Space

Life of the Academy
by Jean-Claude CHAUSSONNET, Secretary general of AAE, Former President and General Manager, Airbus France

Homages: to Emmanuel MICHAL, Robert T. FRANCIS, Jean-Claude HUSSON, Bernard ZIEGLER, Claude LEMIEUX and Pierre CONDOM

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