Newsletter No.121 – Aviation and climate

Editorial: A veritable European vocation
by Antonio VIÑOLO, vice-president of AAE, former secretary general of ATECMA

Aviation and global warming: hype and hyperbole?
by Alain JOSELZON, aeronautics expert/consultant, AAE fellow

Re-imagining the future of civil aviation; some UK perspectives
by David MARSHALL, former president of the Royal Aeronautical Society, AAE member

The future of carbon-free air transport
by Michel WACHENHEIM, AAE president and chair of the conference programme committee

Life of the Academy
by Jean-Claude CHAUSSONNET, Secretary general of AAE, Former President and General Manager, Airbus France

Homages: to Louis PAILHAS by Dominique Colin de Verdière and to Yves LAMBERT by Jean-François Vivier

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