Newsletter n°128 – Energy and Environment (cont.)

Edito: AAE and the climate
by Antonio Viñolo, Vice-President of AAE

Perspectives: SAF and energy efficiency
by Jean-Paul Herteman, honorary member of AAE, former Chairman and CEO of Safran
[Available in long version here (only in French)]

Innovation: Airbus pioneers of sustainable aviation,
by Alain de Zotti, Chief Engineer Architecture and Integration, Airbus

Focus: Sustainable energy for aviation: a difficult equation
by Daniel Iracane, Academie des Technologies,
Jacques Popper, Team leader in the AAE Energy and Environment commission (C2E),
and Xavier Bouis, member of AAE and president of the C2E commission

Certification: Certification of aeronautical fuels
by Nicolas Jeuland, Senior Fuel Expert at Safran, AAE correspondent

Life of the Academy
by Jean-Claude Cheussonnet, secretary general of AAE (2008-2022)

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