Aviation was born with petrol: now what?

30 May 2023
18 h 00 min
Médiathèque José Cabanis (Grand Auditorium)
1 allée Jacques Chaban Delmas - 31500 - Toulouse - (France)

By Xavier Bouis, President of the Energy and Environment Commission of the Air and Space Academy (C2E)

Since 1800, fossil energy and its use in machines have gradually freed us from the “survival” mode that our ancestors knew… Agriculture, medicine, housing, transport, industry, leisure, free time… The unthinkable is there, accessible to many if not all! How does travel, air transport, like all other sectors, prepare to continue without this manna that endangers the planet? Technical solutions, societal changes, time is running out to act.

Free admission in the limit of available seats.

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