Space Science with Small Satellites – 5th symposium COSPAR 2023

16 avril 2023
21 avril 2023
Nanyang Executive Centre
60 Nanyang View - Nanyang Technological University - 639673 - Singapore - (Singapore)

Small satellites and cubesats have grown in popularity over the last decade as effective tools for space research and technology demonstrations for a variety of applications. The cubesat approach to space missions combined with recent advances in cubesat technologies offer innovative cost-effective and fast turn-around solutions for addressing fundamental scientific questions in Earth remote sensing, space weather studies, Sun-Earth interactions and planetary explorations. Other focus areas include advances in scientific instrumentation for small satellite platforms, the use of distributed platforms for instruments, nano-satellite constellations, quantum computing applications, orbit debris mitigation and using small satellite technologies for space capacity building and innovative ride sharing opportunities for access to space.

This symposium will bring together researchers in these various fields for discussion on upcoming missions, emerging technologies and sustainable practices.

Symposium Program:

  • S.1 Space Science with Small Satellites
  • S.2 Space Debris monitoring and mitigation using small satellites
  • A.1 Earth Observation and Environment Monitoring from Small Satellites
  • B.1 Deep-Space Science and Exploration with Miniaturized Systems
  • PCB.1 Capacity Building with Small Satellites – a COSPAR-INSPIRE Long Term Plan
  • PoIS.1 Enabling Technologies from Small Satellites
  • PSW.1 Microsatellites for Space Weather and Radio Astronomy
  • TGCSS.1 Task Group on Establishing a Constellation of Small Satellites

In parallel to the Symposium, a COSPAR Capacity Building Workshop on “Small Satellites” will take place during the week preceding the Symposium hosted by the Satellite Research Centre at the Nanyang Technological University. Participants will include students, young professionals and post-docs primarily from Asia-Pacific region and will be selected by application.

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