Aviation was born with oil : so what now?

11 octobre 2023
12 h 30 min | 14 h 00 min
Académie royale de Belgique (Salle Prigogine)
Rue Ducale 1 - [Metro Station Trône] - 1000 - Brussels - (Belgium)

By Xavier Bouis, Chairman of the Energy and Environment Commission of the Air and Space Academy (C2E)

Since 1800, fossil fuels and their use in machines have gradually liberated us from the “survival” mode of our ancestors… Agriculture, medicine, housing, transport, industry, leisure, free time… The unimaginable is here, accessible to many if not all!  How are transport and aviation, like all other sectors, preparing to survive without this manna from heaven that is endangering the planet? Technical solutions, social changes… the clock is ticking.

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