Towards unmanned ships and aircraft

This video presents the Dossier 50 built on and extending the conference organised in December 2019 by the Académie de marine (AM) and the Académie de l’air et de l’espace (Air and Space Academy, AAE), the proceedings of which have been published on the AAE website.

The presentations are :

  • the Académie de Marine by Yves Desnoes, former Chairman of the Académie de Marine
  • the Académie de l’Air et de l’Espace and the briefing on the aviation aspects of the Dossier by Jean-Paul Troadec, Chairman of Section 3 of the AAE
  • the aviation safety issuesis made by Bertrand de Courville, AAE
  • the maritime autonomous surface ships by Alain Bovis, Vice-Chairman of the Académie de Marine

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