Management of the incident on A380 of flight AF-66 by the captain and the BEA enqueteurs

This presentation took place at a Section III meeting on May 27, 2021. This video is only available in french

On September 30, 2017, an Air France A380, flying over Greenland, suffered an incident not provided for by the certification standards: the bursting of the blower hub of the No. 4 engine, the consequences of which could have been dramatic.

Immediately, the BEA teams launched the security investigation, which could not be conclusive, because of the discovery of the offending part, buried under the pack ice. However, depending on whether the incident was the result of a maintenance defect or a manufacturing problem, the corrective measures were obviously very different.

The BEA investigators, as well as the captain of the flight, describe to us during this video how the flight was managed after the incident as well as the course of this extraordinary investigation.

*Photo credit: BEA

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