Dossier 48: Lessons learned from the management of large projects

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The Air and Space Academy and the National Academy of Technologies of France organized a conference in December 2018 on the management of large projects. About twenty of these projects were presented in various fields: space and aeronautics, software, energy, infrastructures and transport. Following this conference, both academies considered it useful to issue a report emphasizing the lessons learned from these presentations.

This report is divided into four chapters : industrial projects, construction projects, software projects and synthesis. The first three chapters summarize projects presented during the conference while the fourth one draws lessons from these experiments. It can be seen as a set of recommendations for future projects keeping in mind that each project has its own characteristics and specific environment which require adaptation. In spite of the improvements in project management tools, these experiences highlight the importance of the human factor in the management of large projects. Both academies consider that applying these recommendations enhances the potential for success of a project.

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