Dossier 51: Towards new European military helicopter programmes…

An Air and Space Academy working group carried out an analysis that looked back on the development procedure of today’s military rotorcraft, the vast majority of which were built in European cooperation, in order to identify the needs, threats and specifications to be taken into account for a new generation of VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft and the proper methods for European cooperation.

The purpose of this dossier is to issue recommendations for the near future. lt is now urgent to determine and implement fleet renewal by means of European inter-army cooperation through a harmo­nisation of requirements.

The Air and Space Academy recommendation is therefore to prepare, without delay, an agreement at State level on the three identified segments – heavy and tactical utility helicopters, very heavy helicopters and specialised armed helicopters – and allocate leadership among participants in order to define the priority axes for European cooperation.

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