Opinion N°16 – Recommendations for an independent European capability for human spaceflight

Joint Opinion of AAE, DGLR and AIDAA.

In recent years, there has been a new momentum in human spaceflight, driven by the major space powers. Given the experience gained in Europe over more than 30 years and the challenges posed by the geopolitical context, the question of independent European human access to space has naturally resurfaced.

No area can unite Europe more strongly around a very clear and common goal than the establishment of environmentally responsible human spaceflight, capable of driving innovation, strengthening European sovereignty and inspiring the younger generation. European countries have the technological and financial capability to move ahead with this. The question is one of ambition, acceptance of a shared vision and long-term planning.

This Opinion, drafted by a team of recognised European space experts and validated by AAE, DGLR and AIDAA, aims to contribute to public debate on this vital topic and to provide recommendations for the future.

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