European Actions Commission

AAE’s European Actions commission was created in June 2007.

The mission of the European Actions commission is to develop AAE’s European activities by means of conferences, lectures, dossiers, other events and sponsorship of certain external events.

To this end,

  • The commission supports and participates in setting up lectures on aeronautical or space issues in various European countries (currently Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain…), in cooperation with local bodies (aeronautical and space associations, universities, research institutes, sectoral groupings).
  • It encourages AAE sections to nominate candidates for election from a wide range of European countries.
  • It reflects on how to optimise AAE’s operating modes to facilitate full participation of all European members in all aspects of the life of the Academy.
  • It promotes AAE’s actions, works and values to European bodies, states and sectoral groups involved in the fields of air and space or exercising part of their activities in these areas.
  • In parallel, it builds on these actions to broaden the circle of associated companies and organisations by specifying the modalities of their cooperation with AAE in written agreements.
  • It carries out actions requested by European bodies or groups that have been approved according to the procedures of the Academy.

The European Action commission meets 3 or 5 times a year and organises visits and contacts to carry out its missions.

Documents and Media

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Members of the commission

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