In order to achieve its objectives, the Academy conducts and conducts reflections on topics affecting Air and Space, whether they are of general interest or strategy or motivated by current events, and this at the request of an authority or its own initiative. AAE may also occasionally deliver elements of analysis if desired by institutions or industrial groups in their specific areas of interest.

Multidisciplinary studies are carried out by AAE’s sections and commissions; these highlight essential problems and often lead to the organisation of conferences or forums and to the publication of Dossiers, Opinions and other works.

A variety of events aim to bring together the relevant stakeholders and encourage an exchange of ideas.

These meetings are also an opportunity to maintain regular and friendly relations with other institutions and companies from the aerospace fields.


Over 20 annual lectures, covering all aerospace themes, are organised throughout Europe: Bordeaux, Bremen, Brussels, Hamburg, Madrid, Noordwijk, Paris, Rome, Toulouse, Turin, etc, and in Morocco.


Academy members assemble five times a year to discuss important subjects. The last session of the year, a solemn plenary session, is traditionally held in Toulouse.

Conferences et forums

Experts from a variety of backgrounds come together to debate highly technical matters and, through a confrontation of ideas, make progress on strategic aerospace issues.


With its “Entretiens de Toulouse” (Toulouse Encounters) initiative, AAE has created an interactive, high level training course that is mainly technical for engineers, managers and leaders.

Prizes and medals

Presented during the solemn plenary session, the AAE awards are designed to distinguish persons whose work has been decisive in the areas of Air and Space.

AAE publishes and disseminates the summaries and conclusions of its work in the shape of Dossiers and Opinions, which include recommendations for the attention of political and industrial decision-makers.

It also participates in the elaboration of general works on aerospace culture and publishes a bimonthly Newsletter.

AAE reaches a wide audience by providing free access to all its studies and publications via its website, and also by allowing free consultation of its library collections.

Documentation Centre

The Dossiers

Summary and in-depth study of a topic with recommendations for decision-makers and stakeholders.

The Opinions

AAE’s opinion on a specific current issue.

Other works

Lexicon, dictionary, historical and general works on aerospace culture.


Summary of AAE’s actions during the past year.

AAE newsletter

Bi-monthly magazine of aerospace news.

Online documents & media

Proceedings of conferences and forums, videos of lectures and sessions, technical presentations, etc.

It also endeavours to conserve and promote aeronautic heritage by participating on scientific museum councils, setting up exhibitions or enabling its members to stand on literary panels.

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