National Order of Merit: Brigitte Revellin-Falcoz

By decree of the President of the Republic dated June 20, 2022, Mrs. Brigitte Revellin-Falcoz, former airline pilot, flight commander and member of the French Air and Space Academy has been elevated to the rank of Commander in the French National Order of Merit.

Brigitte Revellin-Falcoz was the youngest pilot in France and at the age of 23 had accumulated 2,300 hours of flight time with the qualifications of airplane and glider instructor.

Airline pilot at 25 years old in a regional airline. Captain at 28 years old on Fokker27 at TAT.

Integration at 32 years old of Air Inter then Air France – IPL captain on Mercure then A320 with 10 000 flight hours.

Charged with the mission for two years with the chief pilot of Air France for the creation and the follow-up of working groups relating to the Man-Machine interface and the synergy PN/PS.

2003 being the European Year of the Disabled, she ensures with the Ministry of Transport and the DGAC within the CPH-MI the elaboration and the finalization of a ministerial decree relating to a better integration of the PH-MI in our active society.