Mega Constellations

9 February 2022
14 h 30 min | 18 h 00 min
Web - live - (France)

Satellites illuminated by the sun are visible in the night sky – even with the naked eye for the brightest – and are a source of light pollution for astronomers. Their number could reach several tens of thousands in a few years. What are the consequences for large observatories, but also for small telescopes and for lovers of the starry sky?

“Mega constellations, their applications”, presented by Bernard FOING, Director EuroMoonMars, prof Leiden/Amsterdam/EPFL

“Theirimpact on astronomy”, presented by Olivier HAINAUT, astronomer at ESO, Munichaux

The double conference will be broadcast live on the Youtube channel of the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie.

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