Formal Plenary Session 2023

AAE 40th anniversary

24 november 2023 - Toulouse

From 9:15 to 12:00: Public session

Grand Auditorium – José Cabanis Media Library

1 alley Jacques Chaban Delmas

From 14:00 to 17:00: Formal session

Hall of Illustrious – Town Hall

Place du Capitole

9:15 – Acceptance speech

Philippe BORENTIN, Historian of Concorde, fellow of Section 5, elected on June 16, 2022, on:

“What am I doing on this stage?”

, former Director of European & NATO Affairs, Dassault Aviation, fellow of Section 5, elected June 16, 2022, on:

“Military Aeronautics, Communication and Lobbying”

10:00 – Break

10:15 – Presentation of the new Correspondents

  • BAVIERA Rodolfo
  • BEHREND Julia
  • BELLOUARD Patrick
  • BLAY Jean-Pierre
  • BOUVIER Antoine
  • BRU Pierre
  • CARRERA Erasmo
  • CHELI Simonetta
  • COMBET Sandra
  • DUPONT Pascal
  • FALCHETTI Frédéric
  • FOBE Jean-Michel
  • GARAVAGLIA Roberto
  • GAUDENZI Paolo
  • GOSSELIN Derrick-Philippe
  • HAGEMANN Gerald
  • HAIDAR Riad
  • PEREZ Eric
  • PIEDRAFITA Patrick
  • POISSON Didier
  • POPPER Jacques
  • PROTTI Marco
  • RODRIGUES Manuel
  • ROUND Peter
  • SOTIN Christophe
  • VALLETTE d’OSIA Bertrand


12:00 – End of the session at the José Cabanis media library


14:00 – Opening of the Formal Plenary Session at the City Hall

By the President of the Academy, Michel Wachenheim


14:10 – Presentation of the new Board


14:20 – Presentation of the fellows

  • DAUPHIN Jean
  • DESAULTY Michel
  • EYMARD Michel
  • FUSSEN Didier
  • GILOTTE Ariane
  • GRISVAL Jean-Pierre
  • HAUSER Danièle
  • PAHLKE Klausdieter
  • ROCCA Jacques
  • RONTANI Bernard
  • ROSSOW Cord Christian


15:20 – Break


15:30 – Presentation of Academy Medals

  • awarded to Athena COUSTENIS, exceptional class research director at the CNRS, for her internationally recognised research in the field of planetology and the habitability of celestial bodies.
  • awarded to Bernard et Nicolas CERTAIN, test flight engineers, Airbus Helicopters, for their shared passion and the professionalism they have both demonstrated in the development of a great many helicopters.
  • awarded to Benjamin SAADA, founder of Expliseat and chairman and founder of Fairmat, for using his technical and entrepreneurial talents to help reduce the use of fossil fuels in the aeronautical industry.


16:15  – Presentation of the Vermeil Medal

  • awarded to Tzvetomir BLAJEV, Eurocontrol, for his initiatives in the field of operational flight safety and the establishment of the Skybrary platform.

[ More information on Prizes and Medals 2023 ]



16:30 – Presentation of the Master II dissertation prize

  • awarded to Yéléna ESSLINGER for the excellent quality of its work on “The sustainable use of outer space”.


17:00 – Cocktail reception hosted by Toulouse City Council

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