Dossier No.45 – Cyberthreats targeting air transport

The number of people flying each year is constantly rising and yet accident rates continue to fall. At the same time, the need for greater efficiency in air transport and the demand for new services on the part of passengers have been successfully met through broader connectivity thanks to greater digitalisation in aviation.

This increased connectivity, however, significantly increases the attack surfaces of air transport and is in danger of impacting aircraft safety.

The Air and Space Academy looked into this pressing subject in order to gauge the operational risks to air transport of possible cyberattacks. This dossier warns of potential weak links and puts forwards recommendations for the various stakeholders (industry, airlines, air navigation services, institutions and public authorities), emphasising the need for urgent action.

One recommendation in particular emphasises the role ICAO must play in pushing through globally harmonised rules to strengthen the cybertrust chain in civil aviation.

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