Tribute to André Turcat

by Mar 13, 2016

André Turcat passed away on the 4th January of 2016. He was the founder of our Academy. This special issue of the Newsletter pays tribute to him through the testimonies of those who knew and worked with him.

SUMMARY: Message from his family, Edito by Ph. Couillard, The pîlot and the man by J. Pinet, Aeronautical years: Itinerary towards Concorde by G. Chambost, Concorde: memories of André Turcat by M. Rétif, A Franco-British cooperation by D. MacDonald – Humanitarian actions: The humanitarian waging war on squalid housing by J. Lenoir, Resolutary visionary by Jean-Claude Giraud, In the European Parliament (extracts), The academies : Founder of the Air and Space Academy (Interview), Discipline, exigency, perfection and wisdom by M. Ségur, Computerisation of the Academy by A. Fleury, Mainteneur at the Académie des Jeux floraux by JC. André, The joy of discovery at the Academy of Aix by R. Bout – Art history: On the trail of a French sculptor under the inquisition by B. Benassar – Theology: The path from religious art to theology by M. Deneken – André Turcat’s writings: “First..”., “Measurement”,” Then came the Greeks” – Testimonies: Remembrances, Partners’ tributes

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