Section V – History, literature and arts of the air and space

The activities of section V focus on three areas: history, literature, arts. Its primary objective is to contribute to the defence of the French language in the aerospace field where an anarchic and lazy transposition of English terms helps to distort it. It is in this spirit that a “Franglais-French lexicon of current aeronautical terms and collection of usual barbarisms”was drafted in 2009. An augmented edition was published in October 2017. In the same vein, some members of section V systematically link all the publications of the Academy, including the letter bimonthly and the files and, if necessary, propose corrections.

In 2005, section V, which ensured the development and publication of the book “The French of the Sky, Historical Dictionary”, published at the research Midi. This book traces, through those who made it, the French history of the Conquest of Heaven: Forerunners, pioneers, captains of industry, Ace of War, cleaners of airlines, test pilots, astronauts, people of field or decision-makers, such Are the timeless actors of the Celestial Theater. From the outset, women have played a role in this man’s profession that justifies the fame of many of them. Next to the biographical part, a thematic part describes, by restoring their history, the institutions and societies where the talent of the personalities of air and space, from the origins to the present day, has been expressed. An update, to be published on the academy’s website, is in preparation to take account, in particular, of the significant changes in the structures of the aerospace industry as well as in the organization of the armies since the 1st Edition of the book.

Section V is also responsible for making the academy’s voice heard during conferences, seminars, etc., which focus on topics of competence. It is the same in the Art field in the form of paintings or sculptures.

The members and correspondents of the section, by the nature of their activity as historian or journalist, regularly publish books and articles or intervene in the audiovisual sector.

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