Section I – Scientific knowledge of air and space

In a first step, the section participated in studies on aeronautical and airspace relations by two cross-approaches:

  • Impact of air traffic and launchers on the atmosphere and climate;
  • Impact of physico-chemical changes in the atmosphere on the design of aeronautical and space vehicles.

The first topic was followed by the Cosefa committee “environmental Consequences of an air fleet”, committee or SAT three members of the Academy and three members of the Academy of Sciences.

The section participated in the organization of a symposium in 1993 to identify problems and provide additional comments. Joint synthesis reports were published and presented in 1997.

The activity of the section is also exercised on another axis: use of space for scientific purposes. This activity was not discussed explicitly at first. One reason is the significant involvement of the section members in existing scientific structures such as the CNES Scientific Programme committee or the ESA expert groups. However, we must note the large number of high-level scientific conferences by leading researchers at the international level, allowing the academy to play its role in disseminating knowledge.

More recently the academy took the initiative in cooperation with the Bureau of Longitudes and the French Naval Academy of Joint work to highlight the important elements of the Galileo project. The final document is an important contribution and a basis for future studies.

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