Prizes & Medals commission

The Prizes and Medals commission, constituted and chaired by a member appointed by the board, shall examine all candidates put forward by the sections and submit selected nominees to a vote in a general assembly.

These prizes and medals are presented at the solemn plenary session and are intended to distinguish persons or teams whose activity has been decisive in the aerospace field.

Grand prize

The Grand prize will be awarded to a person, or possibly to a team, who has excelled in particular as a result of a high quality scientific, technical, industrial or cultural initiative in the fields of Air or Space, where that person or team has made a new contribution to legacy enrichment or to the dissemination of knowledge, or an exceptional contribution to the development of aeronautic and space activities.

The successful work may be an outstanding achievement, or set of achievements, as well as works or creations of any kind.

The recipient of the Grand prize may be of any nationality. However, they may not be, or include, an AAE member or correspondent.

The Grand prize, of a maximum value of 10,000 euros, will be awarded in the form of an artwork or in cash, depending on the decision of the board.


Vermeil medal

The Vermeil medal enables AAE to give the deserved national and international recognition to a person whose work has been decisive in the areas of Air and Space.

Air and Space Academy medals

The Air and Space Academy medals provide AAE with the opportunity to highlight the work of personalities who have made significant progress in a discipline contributing to progress in Air and Space or to recognise people who are not necessarily part of the aerospace environment but who have done work which has benefited this field: publication, report, work of art, original experiments, or educational approach, etc.

Thesis and Dissertation Prizes in “Law, Economics and Sociology of Air and Space Transport”

In accordance with article 12 of the AAE statutes and the deliberation of the general assembly, on the proposal of section IV, the Air and Space Academy decided to create an award for a doctoral thesis submitted successfully in a European university in the three years preceding the deadline for its submission, and devoted to the law, economics or sociology of air and/or space transport. This thesis may be defended in French or English.

It was also decided to create a prize to reward a dissertation (Master 2). This prize is intended to recompense studies from French universities in the same fields as the doctoral thesis prize. The master’s dissertation should be in French.

The thesis prize is initially endowed with a sum of 2500 euros, and the dissertation prize with a sum of 1000 euros. The AAE president presents the winner of the prize with their diploma and a commemorative medal during the solemn plenary session.

Literary Prize

In accordance with Article 12 of the statutes of the Air and Space Academy and the decision of the general assembly in its session of 25 November 2016, the “Literary Prize of the Air and Space Academy” is created. This prize is intended to distinguish a work in French language, of indisputable literary quality, dealing with a topic linked to air or space.

All genres are eligible, including translated works and anthologies. In the case of an anthology, the jury will appreciate the personal contribution of the author who researched, collected and presented the texts that compose it. In the case of a translation, the prize is awarded jointly to the author of the original work and the translator.

The Literary prize of the Air and Space Academy is awarded every two years, in even years, and has a value of €1,000.

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