Civil Aviation Commission


The Civil Aviation Committee (CAC) conducts prospective reflections in the field of European (and global) civil aviation *, leading to the development of appropriate recommendations for the responsible entities concerned.

including all actors contributing to the development and operations of Civil Aviation Transport, from researchers to operators, without omitting manufacturers, air traffic control, service providers and corresponding authorities.*, leading to the development of appropriate recommendations for the responsible entities concerned.

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2.1 Thème 1 :Continuation of work on more automatic aviation by 2050

  • Sub-theme 1.1 : Sharing of tasks, responsibilities and authority between air transport actors:

Their operation is very flexible and adapts to the desired objectives: they can sit permanently or have a temporary existence according to the needs. A “civil aeronautics” commission is thus set up within the Air and Space Academy in accordance with article 8 of the statutes of the Academy and article 6 of the rules of procedure, in place of and place of the prospective commission.

  • Sub-theme 1.2 : Evolution of skills required in the future :

TA is a vast system of increasingly complex systems based on a range of professions operating in very different contexts, in multiple interfaces.. Under the effect of the digital revolution, these professions will evolve in the coming decades towards what we will define as functions. Depending on the themes of reflection, exchanges can be organized with other Academies, as has been done in the past with the Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Technology or with the Navy Academy and Bureau des Longitudes for satellite navigation. The aim of this sub-theme is to clear these developments and to make recommendations to the training stakeholders for the future functions of Aeronautics. The civil aviation commission is placed under the authority of a president who is a member of the Academy and appointed by the latter.

  • Sous-thème 1.3 : Le traitement des évènements « inattendus/imprévus » au cours des missions des avions de transport :

During missions various types of unexpected events occur. Exogenous or endogenous to the devices, they are mostly taken into account by the operational, allowing the continuation of the mission. In order to lighten the task of the human, would there be modes of automatic reconfiguration and assistance by correcting a maximum number? (Like the save button or envelope protections on fighter planes).


a) examples of unexpected / unforeseen events that may occur in operations,

b) identification of possible methods of solving a maximum of cases.

  • Sub-theme 1.4 : The application of SPO (Single Pilot Operations) to an aircraft of the ATR type :

Given the number of passengers transported, making the evolution more easily justifiable and the interest shown by the CEO of ATR this first application deserves a special study.

2.2 Thème 2 : Faisabilité des avions de transport supersoniques d’affaires annoncés :

The press echoes various proposals for the development of supersonic transport aircraft. The study consists in the critical analysis of the feasibility of these devices by drawing the experience of the achievements and advanced studies carried out in Europe for decades.

2.3 Thème 3 : Viabilité de petits véhicules aériens tout électriques et hybrides :

In the present state of electricity storage technologies, projects concerning medium-haul, regional and even short-haul aircraft are hardly conceivable. At the very least, small, low-autonomy air vehicles are conceivable for ad hoc markets. It is proposed to study briefly two types of vehicles: the first is of the ULM type to a maximum mass of 450 kg, certifiable under the existing regulations, the second type would be heavier, between 1 t and 1.5 t .

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