As is customary for academies, members are recruited by a process of sponsorship and co-option.

Our members (fellows, honorary, emeritus, associate and correspondents) come from a wide variety of backgrounds – engineers, industrialists, researchers, managers, pilots, astronauts, doctors, lawyers, economists, journalists, writers and artists – and together constitute a pool of knowledge unique in Europe.

Since 2007, AAE has embraced a European dimension, welcoming its European members as fellows.


AAE is run by an Executive Board.

It is composed of a president, four vice presidents, a secretary general and a treasurer, all members of AAE.


Biographies, photos, etc.

Members and correspondents

  • Honorary members, who have made an outstanding contribution to the conquest or the understanding of air and space ;
  • Fellows, from European States;
  • Associate members, from non-European States;
  • Beyond the age of 75, fellows and associate members enter Emeritus membership, while continuing to participate in AAE activities.
  • Correspondents, from Europe or elsewhere, providing a link with current national and international aerospace activities;


Sections bring together members and correspondents with the experience of a similar type of activity.

The number of people in each section is about one sixth of the number of fellows, except for section 2 which has about one-third. Associate members and correspondents are assigned to specific sections.


Ad hoc commissions are responsible for studying specific problems possibly involving several sections simultaneously, and proposing solutions. Some commissions sit on a permanent basis, other have the temporary existence necessary to deal with a particular problem.

AAE appoints a director who is responsible for its operational administration and manages the administrative team.

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