According to the practice of all the academies, members are recruited by sponsorship and co-opting.

In 2007, it welcomed all its European members as full members.

They are engineers, industrialists, researchers, managers, pilots, astronauts, doctors, jurists, economists, journalists, writers and artists and constitute a unique pool of knowledge in Europe.

Board of governors

The Academy is run by a board of directors: The Board of governors.

It is composed of a President and four Vice-presidents as well as a secretary general and Treasurer of the one, all member of the academy.

Our members

Their assignments, biographies, photos, etc…

The members

  • Fellows, nationals from European States ;
  • Associate members, nationals of non-European States;
  • Correspondents, whether European or not, providing liaison between the academy and national and international aerospace activities;
  • Honour members who have made an outstanding contribution to the conquest or to the knowledge of air and space.
  • Beyond 75 years, members access the honorary membership, while continuing to participate in the life of the academy.

The sections

The sections group together the normal holding members type of activity.

The staffing of each section is approximately one-sixth of the number of members, except for section II, which has about a third. Associate members and correspondents are assigned to specific sections.

The Commissions

ad hoc commissions are responsible for studying specific problems and possibly involving several sections simultaneously, and proposing solutions. Some commissions sit on a permanent basis, other than the temporary existence necessary to deal with a topical problem.

The Academy is working on the collaboration of a director who ensures that it works and manages the administrative team.