Newsletter No126 – AAE current reflections

Edito : The necessary hybridisation of skills in the airline industry
by Gérard ROZENKNOP, Vice president of AAE

Changing aviation professions
by Alain GARCIA, Former vice-president of AAE and president of its Civil aeronautics commission, former executive vice-president Engineering, Airbus Commercial Aircraft

Towards new European military helicopter programmes
by Bernard FOUQUES, Former Flight Test vice president Eurocopter, AAE member

The secrets and limits of Arianne 6’s competitiveness
by Alain CHARMEAU, Former chief executive officer of ArianeGroup, member of AAE

Large satellite constellations
by Karl-Ludwig KLEIN, Astronomer at Paris Observatory, secretary of section I of AAE
and Alain HAUCHECORNE, Research director CNRS, president of section I of AAE

From magnetic reference to true reference
by Jacques VERRIERE, Former Air France captain and instructor, member of AAE

Life of the Academy
by Jean-Claude CHAUSSONNET, secretary general of AAE

Ultra-efficient Aircraft Technologies
Mini-symposium organised by DGLR and AAE on 19 May 2022

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