Newsletter No.124 – Space perspectives

Editorial: In praise of grandeur
by Éric DAUTRIAT, vice-president of AAE

Small launchers: a European perspective
by Alain CHARMEAU, former CEO of ArianeGroup, AAE fellow

with Josef Ascherbacher, director general of ESA

Space congestion: how to counter the fifth wave?
by Christophe Bonnal, senior expert at CNES Launcher directorate, AAE fellow

Security in space, AAE Opinion 14
Jean-Daniel Testé, former French joint Space commander, AAE correspondent and chair of the working group on Security of space activities

Life of the Academy
by Jean-Claude CHAUSSONNET, secretary general of AAE

Homages to Jean Carpentier, Germain Chambost, Jean Pierson, Claude Terrazzoni

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