In memoriam Roger Marguet

Roger Marguet passed away on 28 July 2019. Born in 1924, after the Second World War he studied at ETSA (École technique supérieure de l’armement, 1949). His engineering career began at LRBA (Laboratory for ballistic and aerodynamic research in Vernon), then continued at Satory at the DTAT (Technical directorate for land armament).

From 1957, it was in ONERA (French aerospace lab) that his great scientific and technical capabilities became apparent, particularly in the field of missiles and ramjet propulsion, of which he was one of the world’s top experts. In this capacity, in 1985 he was the first recipient of the AAE Grand prize “for his work on ramjets”.

Appointed general engineer for armament, his brilliant career continued at ONERA, where he became director of military applications, with various responsibilities in the areas of teaching and international relations, either within AGARD, or as part of a Franco-American military agreement.

An honorary member of AAE, he received many decorations and awards for his outstanding achievements in the service of his country. His collaborators and friends will not forget his simplicity, his skills and his extraordinary energy.

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