Towards unmanned ships and aircraft?

9 December 2019
10 December 2019

Ecole Militaire (Amphithéâtre Foch)
1 Place Joffre - 75007 - Paris - (France)

Objectives of the conference

Spectacular, enduring progress in information and communication technologies is fuelling the design of largely autonomous moving objects. In the area of transport, many prototypes exist for vehicles with a certain autonomy, and their numbers are growing. Aircraft and ships have not escaped this trend, which has already brought clear benefits in specific areas. Work on standardisation in both sectors aims to supervise the digitisation, transmission and processing of information, as well as its presentation to crews.

Are we moving towards a world where transport ships and aircraft will have no crews, or reduced crews?

The Académie de l’air et de l’espace and the Académie de marine have decided to join forces to study this issue, which presents many aspects common to both environments, certainly more so than with any other mode of transport. The purpose of this conference, which will last a day and a half, is to explore the various facets of automation and autonomy by comparing and contrasting maritime and aeronautical contexts, including environmental aspects; it will also aim to assess the maturity of the respective concepts and sets of norms.

After a presentation of technological perspectives, the expectations of both operators and manufacturers will be explored in a round table aimed at bringing out common trends. The second day will open with a session devoted to safety goals and associated regulatory and normative frameworks which will need to evolve significantly for advanced automation. Specific focus will be placed on methods for designing and validating information and communication systems which, at the heart of automation, raise particularly complex safety and security issues. The second day will continue with a round table putting people at the centre of the process by tackling employment, training and social acceptability, in a debate involving specialists as well as onboard and ground users. Legal issues, including liability and insurance, will be considered at the end of the day.

The conference is directed at all maritime and air transport professionals: research and industry, crews, operators and administrations, especially those providing navigation services. The military should also be interested since they will be using certain automated resources and will need to cohabit with civilians in their respective environments. Finally, specialised students should find useful insights for their studies and future professional life.

This conference will be introduced then concluded by two keynote speakers and will provide participants with an opportunity for in-depth exchanges.

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