Sustainability of operations in orbit: Space, a rubbish bin? If only!!

14 November 2019
14 h 00 min | 17 h 30 min

Palais de la découverte
Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt - 75008 - Paris - (France)

This lecture will be given in French

Space players are often blamed for having turned Space into a rubbish bin. Into a dump, maybe (this is debatable), but definitely not a rubbish bin! Because a rubbish bin is an advanced instrument of waste management, involving many players. Managing waste is the responsibility of all members of Homo sapiens, from their unnatural actions.

After a quick overview of the situation and a reminder of the kind of events feared, Christophe Bonnal will focus on describing the actions that are taken at the international level and how well they are complied with today.

  • By Christophe BONNAL, AAE correspondent, Senior Expert at CNES, Chairman ,Space Debris Committee – IAA (International Academy of Astronautics)


We cannot focus on responsible management of space debris alone, we must also take the opportunity to ask ourselves why it is there … and therefore what is the final goal of Space activities!

  • By Jacques ARNOULD, éthics expert at CNES

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