Registration: Space tourism: news and perspectives

29 November 2022
18 h 00 min
Médiathèque José Cabanis (Grand Auditorium)
1 allée Jacques Chaban-Delmas - 31500 - Toulouse - (France)

By Christophe Bonnal,senior expert at CNES, coordinator of the theme “space tourism” at the International Astronautical Academy (IAA), member of the AAE and Jean-François Clervoy,astronaut, honorary president of Novespace, founder of AirZeroG, member of the AAE

The old dream of Man to travel in space is now becoming a reality with the development of “space tourism”, both “orbital”, benefiting from the new “taxis” and “hotels” in progress, and “sub-orbital”, a brief incursion on the border of the cosmos to experience the sensations of a launch and contemplate the Earth in weightlessness.

This activity raises many questions of all kinds, technical, legal, physiological, commercial … that must be addressed to understand the long-term credibility of this activity.

Image credit: ©D.R. First private passenger in 2001

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