Space in the service of defence: issues and threats

23 May 2019
18 h 00 min | 19 h 30 min

Lieu non défini.


by Gal. Bernard Molard, former defence and security adviser to the President of EADS Astrium, AAE member

This lecture will be presented in cooperation with the AQUI-IHEDN.

Navigating in the desert, firing a bomb at a target, or communicating in the open sea… In a few years satellites have become indispensable to the smooth operation of military operations. In December 2018, France launched the first satellite of the CSO component, the first in a series of three, offering exceptional optical observation capabilities. The same can be said for communications systems. European cooperative initiatives are becoming more and more precise, enabling information to be exchanged and means supplemented (Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Italy…).

President Trump has decided to create a sixth branch of the U.S. Army in charge of coordinating American space activities; China is asserting its political position and in parallel proceeding to many launches. This shows how essential the space component has become in our operational systems.

But in space these structures are vulnerable to many threats: recent incidents have demonstrated this through attempts at intimidation, forcing our government to take very firm positions. Our speaker will present all of these issues and show how important the space component has become to our defence strategy.

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