Rafale: programme and innovations

19 September 2019
18 h 00 min | 19 h 30 min

Faculté de droit et science politique (Amphithéâtre Léon Duguit )
35 place Pey Berland - 33000 - Bordeaux - (France)

This lecture will be done in french

by Jean-Claude Hironde, former Rafale technical director at Dassault Aviation, AAE member

The Rafale programme, spearhead of French national Defence, will be presented in its complete cycle, from upstream studies to delivery to the French Navy and Air Force.

The specifications of the Rafale programme are very ambitious: by itself, the new aircraft must replace six different aircraft currently in service in the French Army.

It was necessary to imagine a new configuration capable of satisfying all naval and air specifications. Interception and close combat missions, which require high agility and high Mach flights, have led to the optimisation of revolutionary air intakes. Now widely deployed in operational theatres, the Rafale has shown its efficiency and reliability in combat, demonstrating its technological maturity and export capability.

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