Industrial excellence at the service of a new programme

25 June 2019
18 h 00 min | 19 h 30 min

This lecture will be done in french

Presented by Michel DEWERDT, Director of the Toulouse Establishment, Airbus Operations SAS

The success of a new aircraft programme such as the A350XWB depends on a very large number of factors. In a context of technological change, strong competition and production ramp ups, industrial excellence is one of the keys to this success. With its order book representing several years of production, the A350XWB also represents the success of a wider ecosystem including our customers and partners, but also the contributions of different institutions. At this lecture we will discuss the factors contributing to this success, which guarantee the highest level of quality, excellence and customer service.

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Picture © Copyright AIRBUS S.A.S 2016 – photo by S. RAMADIER

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