European secure connectivity

This video conference, organized by the Asociación de Ingenieros Aeronáuticos de España (AIAE) and the AAE was held on March 3, 2022.

You will find below the presentation (PDF) made by Antonio Abad, Technical and Operations Director at HISPASAT, member of the Air and Space Academy

Digital highways are the backbone of a modern economy and society. The EU is rapidly becoming a knowledge-based economy. Many objects other than humans will be connected to the Internet. The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the need for a high-performance connectivity infrastructure. Commercial, private and public users need secure and robust services that are protected against cyber threats and geopolitical threats (data control).

A secure European telecommunications and space infrastructure covering the whole territory is an indispensable tool for a more inclusive and competitive digital economy, further integrating the European space sector into the wider digital sector. At the same time, such an infrastructure will strengthen Europe’s independent and sovereign role in a globalised world.

This conference addresses the challenges, risks and opportunities involved. It identifies gaps and service needs for the development of such a critical European infrastructure.

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