New designs for the aircraft wings of the future bioinspired

Presentation of the lecture by Marianna Braza, Research Director at the CNRS, Toulouse Institute of Fluid Mechanics on March 30, 2021 (in distance-in french only)

Our activities on the theme of morphing, which consists of optimizing the shape and vibrational behavior of aircraft using intelligent active electro materials and advanced aerodynamic concepts, have proven the effectiveness of new aircraft wing designs of the future. Inspired by the multi-scale nature of the turbulence surrounding the wing of an aircraft and the movements of the wing, fins and feathers of large predatory birds, we developed, in collaboration between the Institute of Fluid Mechanics of Toulouse and the Plasma laboratory and Energy Conversion, the morphing hybrid active electro and demonstrated the increase in aerodynamic performance on prototypes of aircraft wings in wind tunnel , as part of the European project we coordinate.

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