Mars, in search of life!

Recording of the lecture (in French) by Sylvestre Maurice, astrophysicist at IRAP, specialist in Martian exploration, correspondent of the AAE, June 28, 2022.

These are great times! To date, 12 vehicles are operational around Mars or on its surface. A trophy of national supremacy, a field of technological experimentation, a source of wonder for the people who fervently follow this adventure, the exploration of the red planet represents the most beautiful quest for scientists who methodically seek if the Martians have existed… They are preparing the next step: the collection of samples that will be brought back to Earth within 10 years, while waiting in the longer term, the ultimate challenge: a manned flight to Mars.

Image credit: ©NASAJPL-CaltechASUMSSS-Perseverance Selfie

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