European launchers. Diamant to Ariane 6: Europe’s competitive response to autonomy of access to space

Session 1 - Historical setting

Session Chair: Jacques VILLAIN

First Diamant Launch

Jacques VILLAIN, former director of International Space Affairs in SAFRAN


Diamant to Ariane 1

Philippe COUILLARD, former technical director at EADS Space


Ariane and the conquest of the launch services market

Frédéric d’ALLEST, Honorary president of Arianespace


Session 2 - Global environment and launch services market

Session Chair: Christophe Bonnal

The market for Launch services

Jacques BRETON, commercial director of Arianespace


Global competition, Russian, American, Chinese, Japanese…

Lucía LINARES, Launchers Directorate, ESA


The needs for launch services seen by communications satellite operators

Raphaël MUSSALIAN, Special adviser to Eutelsat’s president and chief executive officer


European government launches

Philippe GOUDY, head of the Earth Observation Project Department, ESA


Launch services for Export offers

Christophe WILHELM, senior Vice-president strategy and innovation, Thales Alenia Space


Session 3 - Europe's technical and organizational response to competition

Session Chair: Fredrik Engström

European decisions of December 2014

Stefano BIANCHI, launchers Directorate at ESA


The technical response of the new Ariane 6/Vega C Family

Ariane 6

David QUANCARD, Chief Executive officer, Airbus Safran launchers


Vega C

Pier Giuliano LASAGNI, Vice president of Avio S.p.A.


The Ariane 6 system: ground-to-air interface and launch sets

Jean-Marc ASTORG, director of launchers at CNES


Session 4 - The new organization set up for launcher development and production

Session Chair: Jürgen Ackermann

The Prime contractor

Alain CHARMEAU, executive chairman of Airbus Safran launchers


The vision of a subcontractor: RUAG

Dr. Peter GUGGENBACH, director of Space division at RUAG


The vision of a subcontractor: MT Aerospace

Dr. Jürgen ALBINGER head of systems Engineering and analysis, MT Aerospace


Session 5 - The future: prospects for technical evolution

Session Chair: Philippe Couillard

Greater reusability

Véronique PALATIN, head of future preparation, launchers directorate, CNES


LOX Methane

Gerald HAGEMANN, Launcher propulsion Operation, Airbus Safran launchers



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