Decarbonizing Regional Aviation: An Incremental Approach

Recording of the lecture (in French) by Stéphane Viala, Senior Vice President Engineering, Head of Design Organization, ATR at the José Cabanis Media Library in Toulouse on May 31, 2022.

ATR (Regional Transport Aircraft) is the world leader in the regional turboprop segment. ATR created in 1981 to celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2021. Since its creation, the ATR has relied on a low carbon footprint by implementing a policy of incremental evolution of the product and its services. With a consumption of 40% lower than regional jets and -20% compared to other turboprops in the regional market, ATR has been able to evolve its engines, avionics and systems while innovating and remaining at the forefront of technology. Minimizing the carbon footprint of our products as well as the impact of our business has always been in our DNA. That is why in this presentation we will share our vision of the future of regional aviation and ATR’s contribution to reducing the carbon footprint of aeronautics through an incremental and realistic approach.


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