Airbus pioneers sustainable aviation for an open and environmentally friendly world

Replay de la conférence du 25 avril 2023 – Médiathèque José Cabanis – Toulouse (In French)

By Marc Hamy, President Corporate Affairs, Airbus, fellow of the AAE

Aviation is not only an extremely fast, safe and efficient means of transport. This is what makes it possible to connect all the countries of the world in less than 24 hours, to dispersed families to reunite, to economies to develop and open up to the world, to different cultures to exchange and better understand each other. It is therefore a means of prosperity, peace and unity that must be preserved and that is why Airbus is doing everything possible: technological innovations, sustainable fuels, increasingly efficient aircraft, to be the pioneer of carbon-free aviation that allows future generations to continue to fly with the greatest respect for our planet. It is this objective and the means to achieve it, that Marc Hamy will develop on behalf of Airbus, during this conference.

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