Conference - 21 & 22 September 2022 - DGAC - Paris (duplex with ENAC - Toulouse)


Wednesday 21 September (morning)

09:00 – Presentation

Michel WACHENHEIM, president of Air and Space Academy (AAE)

09:05 – Opening speech

Henrik HOLOLEI, European Commission, Director-General for Mobility and Transport

09:15 – Introduction

Patrick KY, EASA Executive Director

09:25 – Introduction : Paris Region perspective on Advanced Air Mobility : sustainable transportation and industrial development

Alexandra DUBLANCHE, vice-présidente, Conseil Régional Ile de France

09:35 – Practical information

Alain CASSIER, programme committee chairman

Session 1 – Market, operational requirements

Moderator : Alain GARCIA | Secretary : Olivier JOUANS

09:30 – Experience and lessons learnt from Helicopter Air Taxi operation in Sao Paulo

Brazilian Helicopter Operator

09:50 – Roland Berger UAM global market study and specifications

Manfred HADER, Senior Partner, Roland Berger

10:10 – McKinsey UAM market success conditions study

Ilan ROZENKOPF, Aerospace and defence specialist, McKinsey

10:30 – Sustainable development of UAM : manufacturers’ views

Vassilis AGOURIDAS, chairman of the UAM Committee ASD Europe

10:50 – Questions

11:05 – Break

11:20 – EU’s UAM Initiative Cities Communitiy (UIC2)- panel discussion – : how to prepare UAM introduction in cities

Chaired by Vassilis Agouridas, UIC2 leader / Airbus Urban Mobility, with participation of European cities /regions representatives

12:00 – Paris 2024 VTOL project

Alban NÉGRET, Head of Innovation & Corporate Venture, groupe ADP

12:20 – Questions

12:35 – Lunch

Wednesday 21 September (afternoon)

Session 2 – UAM aircraft technical solutions, propulsion system performance

Moderator : André BORD| Secretary : Catalin NAE

13 :45 – UAM technical solutions

Michael CERVENKA, CEO, Vertical Aerospace (tbc)
Arnaud COVILLE, CTO, Volocopter
Tomasz KRYSINSKI, Research VP, Airbus Helicopters
Andreas PEROTTI, CMO Europe, eHang Aviation
David ROTTBLATT, VP Business Development, EVE Urban Air Mobility
Yves YEMSI, COO, Luigi RICCI MORETTI, Chief Engineer, Lilium

15:35 – Battery performance

Thierry PRIEM, Head of Energy Smart Mobility, CEA

15:55 – Electrical motors technology

Florent NIERLICH, CTO Safran Electrical & Power

16:15 – Questions

16:35 – Break

Session 3 – Vertiports in urban and airports environments-battery charging

Modérateur : Raymond ROSSO | Secrétaire : Alban NÉGRET

17:00 – Vertiport integration in urban environment

Damian KYSELY, Head of EMEA Skyports

17:20 – Vertiports Integration of in airports environment

Kevin COX, CEO, Vertipuertos

17:40 – Application to NICE City


18:00 – Battery charging equipments

Michael PETER, CEO, Siemens Mobility

18:20 – Questions

18:30- Cocktail

Thursday 22 September (morning)

Session 4 – Noise targets level and solutions to achieve them

Moderator : Bertrand RONTANI | Secretary : Blanche DEMARET

09:00 – UAM noise targets

Jean Claude GUILPIN, chef du bureau Performance environnement, DGAC

09:20 – eVTOL noise phenomenons characterization

Dr Stephen RIZZI, Senior Researcher for Aeroacoustics, NASA

09:40 – Solutions to limit eVTOL noise

Julien CAILLET, Airbus Helicopters,
Arnaud LE PAPE, Rotorcraft Program Director, ONERA
Brian DAVEY, director Government Affairs Emea region, Joby Aviation

10:20 – Questions

10:40- Coffee break

Session 5 – Certification, operational regulations, traffic and flight path management

Moderator : Bernard FOUQUES| Secretairy : Andrew WARNER

11:00 – eVTOL vehicles certification

David TAIT, Head of Innovation, CAA

11:20 – Simplified Vehicle Operation

Kyle MARTIN, Vice-President European Affairs, GAMA

11:40 – Roadmaps towards certification of automated operations


12:00 – Traffic and route management

Laurent RENOU, Head of Air Transport Innovation, Eurocontrol

12 :20 – Aviation security issues related to the use of VTOLs

Lydie ARAGNOUET-BRUGNANO, sous-directrice de la sûreté et de la défense, DGAC/DTA/SRD
Gal Étienne FAURY, commandant de la Brigade Aérienne de la Posture Permanente de Sûreté Aérienne du CDAOA

12:40 – Questions

13:00 – Lunch

Thursday 22 September (afternoon)

Session 6 – Material, social and economic aspects of UAM implementation

Moderator : Pablo PEREZ-ILLENA | Secretary : Claude LE TALLEC

14:15 – Scaling Constraints for UAM Operations on Air Traffic Control, Ground Infrastructure, and Noise.

R. John HANSMAN, Professor/ Parker D. VASCIK, MIT

14:55 – UAM potential in Ile-de-France: preliminary results on sensitivity to price and travel time

Jacques FERRIERE, Chef de projet R&D nouvelles mobilités (RATP EDT/ETG)

15:15 – Financing research, innovation and infrastructure development

Pablo PEREZ-ILLENA, Deputy Head of Unit, EC-CINEA

15:35 – Questions

16:00 – Break

16:30 – Round Table

Moderator : Thierry DUBOIS (France Bureau Chief, European Technology Editor, Aviation Week & Space Technology)| Secretary : Alain CASSIER

Brian DAVEY, director Government Affairs Emea region, Joby Aviation
Susan A. GORTON, Revolutionary Vertical Lift Technology Project leader, NASA
Christophe LAPIERRE, chef de la Stratégie, président des services de soutien à
l’aviation d’affaires, Luxaviation group
Andreas PEROTTI, CMO Europe, eHang Aviation
Kirsten RIENSEMA, Advanced Air Mobility Challenge Lead, Innovation Futures Hub, CAA
Balkiz SARIHAN , Head of UAM strategy Execution and Partnership, Airbus Helicopters

17:30 – Closing speech

Damien CAZÉ, directeur général de l’Aviation civile France (DGAC)

Friday 23 September

Paris: Advanced Air Mobility Sandbox for the 2024 Paris launch, at the Pontoise-Cormeilles-en-Vexin airfield.

Toulouse: Ascendance Flight Technologies laboratory at Saint-Exupéry technological research institute (IRT).

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