On 15 June 2022, the forum “Towards new European military helicopter programmes” was held at Eurosatory in Paris. The aim of this forum was to present the recommendation of the Academy’s working group on this subject and to discuss it openly at European level, with actors in the military field. Under the guidance of the Programme Committee, the 15 speakers addressed the history and current situation of fleets, the estimation of future needs, the evolution of operational needs, technical perspectives, the valorization of know-how through European research projects, the management of military programs in cooperation, the point of view of industry as well as discussions.

We in Europe can manage new military helicopter programs:

Our industries know how to cooperate; but we must succeed in defining coordinated operational needs and harmonised financing, two conditions that require strong political will over time!

See you in a few years… and let’s see the results in 15 to 20 years.

The Air and Space Academy thanks the partners of this event (Airbus, Gicat, Léonardo, Coges Events and Safran) as well as the participants and speakers whose interventions brought exciting insights into the issues raised.

The Proceedings of this forum will soon be available on the website of the Air and Space Academy.